3V STEM Alumni

Our game plan for 2021…

Welcome to the first post for the 3V STEM Alumni!

Now more than ever, we realize the importance of having a strong, connected network of alumni. The 3V STEM Alumni organization was started as a way for our friends to casually keep in touch. Now, Varun and I want to lead its growth. Our goal is to create a connected, tight-knit group for Ward Melville STEM Alumni.

In our experiences with community, there are a few key insights we’ve learned. First, a community should have regular interactions. Second, a community should have many micro-communities within it. And third, there should be a common goal to rally behind.

So we’ve decided to start 3 initiatives this year…

Fireside chats

We want to provide inspiration to fuel the next generation of college graduates. Fireside chats are our way of doing that.

These bi-monthly chats will feature product managers, professors, founders, designers and more to share their professional experience. The goal of these chats is to learn from the best while bringing the entire community together.

Mentorship program

We think the core of every community rests in the strength of the personal connections within it. During this pilot year, we will have a small group of mentors and mentees. Large events are necessary to rally the community together, but the personal connections created by our mentorship program will be what keeps us engaged in the community.

Most of the mentorship activity will be focused on working towards our third big initiative…

STEAM Day 2021

In 2018, Ward Melville hosted its first STEAM Day, where clubs and organizations showcased the amazing work they did to the entire community. It was a great way for the STEAM community to rally together and get people excited about the field. From human-sized catapults, to autonomous robots, to hula hoop competitions, STEAM day was one of the times we really felt apart of the larger community.

We want to reignite this event and get people excited about STEAM, so we are thrilled to be leading STEAM day 2021. We plan to use online platforms to our advantage and create an even more engaging experience. See you there.

Our new logo: circuits climbing stairs!

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